Patient Infotainment
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Patient Infotainment

The LINC Technology platform delivers a range of patient services including clinical access, interactive education, communication and entertainment technology to the patient’s bedside via a number of smart devices.

LINC Technology provides a powerful, secure, integrated content, services and application delivery platform that has been specifically engineered to provide reliable point of care computing within the challenges and constraints of the hospital IT environment. Its many features and capabilities have been designed

  1. to enhance patient care,
  2. reduce cost and improve efficiency ,
  3. deliver improved clinical outcomes.


  • PatientLINC – Provides easy, touch-screen access to clinical information, communication and entertainment directly from the bedside
  • ClinicalLINC – Provides secure access to clinical information system through wall-mounted terminal adjacent to the bedside
  • MediaLINC – Unlock the value of hospital TV, bringing education, entertainment and meal ordering to the TV
  • MobileLINC – Provides easy access to medical information, educational and entertainment content through a patient mobile device.