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Parts and Consumables

Kalrez O-Ring

Kalrez O-Rings are made from perfluoro elastomer (FFKM) material that provide reliable, long-term service with a wide range of aggressive industrial and electronic grade chemicals.

Kalrez is ideally suited because it offers :

  • Universal chemical and plasma resistance
  • Unrivalled thermal stability (up to 325°)
Dupont Vespel Engineering Plastics

DuPont Vespel® polyimide parts come with a  documented record of reliability and durability in wafer handling, wafer processing, IC handling and testing and in other semiconductor manufacturing operations

Dupont Vespel is ideally suited because it offers :

  • High temperature resistance
  • Low friction, low wear
BriskHeat Heating Jackets

Briskheat (BH) is a leading heating, insulating and controlling solution in wide variety of surfaces including pipes, valves, tanks, hoppers, tubes, troughs, drums, pumps and OEM applications.

Briskheat is ideally suited because it offers :

  • Proven energy savings with uniform heating at attractive ROI
  • Easy maintenance with unrivalled thermal stability (up to 325°)
Wire Cutting / Sawing Resin Beam

Dow Beam is the leading manufacturing of Resin beam that used widely in Wire Saw process to reduce input cost and increasing efficiency. Resin beam property is similar to Silicon property so provide greater efficiency and higher throughput.

Dow Beam is ideally suited because it offers :

  • enhance efficiency by maximizing electricity insulation, heat-resistance and density to ensure excellent product quality.
  • It provide lower input cost by shortened adhesion process.
Dupont Vertrel Sinera Heat Transfer Fluid

DuPont™ Vertrel® is a very effective heat transfer fluid. In evaporative cooling, Vertrel® is enclosed in a heat cycle system.

Dupont Vertrel Sinera is ideally suited because it offers :

  • Low GWP (<5) & No ODP
  • Replacement of conventional heat transfer fluid

Nor Cal is manufacture of Stainless Steel vacuum products. Its fabricate stainless steel from flanges, fittings, pressure control valve, isolation valve, to Foreline traps