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BISTel Software Solution provides a complete suite of Equipment Engineering Solutions (EES) and Analytic solutions based on PeakPerformance™ Framework that easily integrates into the any SEMICONDUCTOR manufacturing environment. From

  • Wafer Manufacturing
  • FEOL
  • BEOL
  • Facility/Utility

BISTel’s solutions are continuously providing high ROI to our customers by improving productivity and efficiency in all areas in all technology nodes and wafer sizes.



eDataLyzer platform takes a completely different approach while addressing the data analysis task presented to you. The fundamental concept in eDataLyzer is usability first over providing a long list of functionalities. Data analysis can be a very complex and difficult tasks, but with the right intuitive tool it doesn’t have to be. With that said eDataLyzer is:

Centralized Analysis
A single tool that allows the visualization or analysis of any data.

Relational Data Analysis
RDA (Relational Data Analysis) is an evolution of analysis limited to single spreadsheet to a multi-dimensional one (eDataRealm). It takes in consideration that data can be related with one another differently from one to the other. Creating a tool that is truly drilled to anywhere!

We understand that statistics can be difficult to understand, but to configure as well. eDataLyzer unifies and normalizes all outputs and configuration, reducing learning curve and enhancing productivity.

Data is becoming increasingly larger and larger making the analysis task even more daunting. With the help of eMatrix (an organized table, chart and map display) allows you to spatially find problems quickly and relationship that were never noticed before.

User Driven
With the concepts of workspaces, worksets, and workviews, you can easily automate routine tasks from a daily reports to those only required occasionally.