Thin-film Pressure Sensor
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Thin-film Pressure Sensor

Tekscan is the leading manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement systems and sensors. It use thin-film pressure sensor that measures force and pressure between virtually any two mating surfaces that give accurate, reliable , high resolution result, and flexible application. We have over 200 flexible, thin film sensors available in different sizes, shapes, resolutions, temperature ratings and pressure ranges (up to 25,000 psi)

Key Benefits

  • Product Design : In-depth understanding of surface behavior, verify forces and peak pressures between 2 components
  • Manufacturing : Verify calibration of machinery, reduce downtime & improve yields
  • Quality Control : Identify potential failure modes, competitive benchmarking
  • Research : understand pressure distribution between 2 surfaces


Application: Brake pad and friction plates, catalytics converter, hard gaskets and bolted joints, door seals, hose clamps and crimps, grip and ergonomics, fuel cell stack assembly, fasteners, nip and pinch rollers, wafer and lens polishing, lamination, LCD processing, mold filling, robotics, nozzle spray patterns, packaging and sealing, squeegee balancing etc