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Engineering Solution

Realtime Control Health Control Process Control
Is your existing process equipment failing to meet you current process
requirements or no longer supported by
the OEM? Whether you are looking to
improve the control of a single sensor or
a comprehensive control system
replacement, our model-based control
systems will improve your process
capability and reliability.
Do you have troublesome process
equipment reliability issues that cannot
be monitored or predicted using your
existing SCADA system?
We have found that most tools lack the
necessary sensors and measurement
resolution to properly implement health
monitoring in real time. Our turnkey
predictive maintenance systems will warn
you of impending failures to improve your
equipment reliability and uptime.
Do you wish you had automated run-torun
adjustment of your process but have
found it is too difficult or costly to
Our model-based run-to-run control
systems will improve your process
repeatability with minimal time and
investment. This product integrates
directly inside your process tool utilizing
onboard metrology sensors.
Realtime  health_control  ProcessControl

  • Diffusion furnace temperature controllers
  • RTP temperature controllers
  • Novellus Concept 1 temperature controllers
  • Chemical bath concentration controllers
  • Virtual sensor modeling and control

  • Heating elements
  • Mass flow controllers
  • Vacuum systems and pumps
  • Halogen lamps
  • Robotics and automation
  • Thermocouples
  • Pyrogenic torches
  • Motors

  • Barometric pressure
  • Diffusion processes
  • Oxidation processes
  • Anneal processes
  • CVD processes
  • Etch processes
  • Photolithography processes
  • CMP processes
  • Clean processes
  • Implant processes


Pre-empt machine failure before its too late

engineering graph

With Health Control, you can resolve an error before it cause damage to your system.